A movie, a song, a smile, a hug, people change your life. The twilight series affected me at a different level all together. reading the books, watching to movie, and listening to the music from the movie, all of it changed me, each artist each song, has a meaning to it, and i did not know most of the bands, who had made songs for the movie, did not know paramore nor O.A.R, very different music but i am enjoying those bands a lot. I had heard a few songs of muse did not like them much but know i love them a lot. and Mutemath, i had nvr heard of them, but i really like them. If any of you see the most played tracks in my itunes library, you would be shocked for sure, I am practically addicted to the movie, every aspect of it. The books, made me understand what life is, it might be weird to understand that, a vampire made me understand this.
The characters, make me understand things i learnt in my psychology classes as well, the different personality types, and stuff.
Bella’s lullaby is the best thing! i love it totally!
Something comes into your life, it stays and changes you, music, movies, books, humans, mortals and immortals as well, i totally adore the twilight series, and im waiting anxiously for the second movie, its very different compared to the 1st but i totally love it, so just want to see it badly! Deepti and me are going to see this together, it is going to be fun i know it 🙂
Cheers to Edward and Bella Cullen, and the whole Cullen household.
Thank you Stephanie Meyer, for changing my life, i have never been so happy and cheerful and bubbly since ages, you helped me out of all my bad times. Thank you 🙂