I am a foodie, I like experimenting trying different cuisines, actively looking out for new restaurants and dessert places in Bangalore. I am a vegetarian by choice, so sometimes the choice is hard. I watch travel and living sorta channels, during lazy stay at home kind of weekends. Apart from watching during weekends, I have been following the tv show Master Chef Australia, for roughly about 4 years now. I drool looking at some of the dishes; the contestants and the celebrity judges make.
Around two weeks ago, I got to know about the World on a Plate Food Carnival, my brother and sister in law as well are foodies, so we decided to attend the food carnival. The Master Chef Australia judges were the main attraction of the carnival, they had setup their own pop-up restaurants, which served dishes from their restaurants in Australia here. How much ever I love to eat food, I like taking photographs of it too, when it looks nice and tasty. I actually take time to take a photograph, at times this could be desserts such as ice creams (Check out my instagram feed to know more 😀 )
Now begins the event, on a Sunday morning, we picked up the tickets and went up to find a huge crowd surrounding; the entrance of the event location at UB City. We heard initially the judges were making dose’s at a live open counter, 100’s of people were around them, luckily I was able to sneak in a picture of them-

The 3 judges had worn a traditional Indian Wedding outfit called a Sherwani and had worn an Indian style hat called Peta in Kannada.
After they left, we went around; to look at the different stalls at the food carnival, some were setting up, it was only 11 AM. The first dish we had was dish from a restaurant called Fava in UB City, we had a spinach and feta cheese in filo pastry. Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of that. The next were two different kind of bruschetta’s one with tomatoes and the other with a mushroom filling (Also gobbled up, hence no photograph).
A friend of mine had George Calombari’s dish at his popup restaurant- A soft shell crab souvlaki, supposedly tasted really yum!

The next dish I had was a good old paneer tikka, didn’t need to take a photograph of this right? Same old same old, tasted good though.
So, after this we went to have an ice gola, pictured below is me enjoying a bubblegum and cotton candy flavoured ice gola-

The next dish I had was in JW Marriot the second venue of the food carnival, here I had Matt Preston’s spiced pumpkin, it tasted really yum. The dish was very different, Indian veggies with a really different taste!

After this was a yummy dessert at Gary Mehigan’s popup restaurant, a white chocolate mousse with nuts and what seemed liked a protein bar-

I am usually not a big fan of white chocolate, but this dessert was yum!
After this I had a Chinese salad at Leela’s Palace’s Chinese restaurant/stall called Zen, the dish was really tasty, unfortunately I missed taking a photograph of it!
The last dish of the day was a waffle at a food truck called Go Waffles, it was really yum! The serving was too big!

That is folks! Thanks for reading! Do comment, want the photos? Message me or leave a comment down below 🙂 XOXO