The Year 2015 was one of those years where I’ve learnt a lot of things, both at the personal and professional front. The start of the year I had made a resolution that I will learn something new! So I bought a book and taught myself Adobe Illustrator.

I have learnt so many tips and tricks thanks to this application. I’ve been able to design a lot more and in very different styles. There are so many useful tools on illustrator compared to good old Photoshop. The past week I’ve been designing on In Design and some of the tools that I learnt on Illustrator are present in In Design as well. One such example is spacing text and image boxes, so that the space remains the same throughout the document. Character and Paragraph Styles help in formatting documents really quick. Some times I surprise myself by remembering things from the past few years! One such example could be numbering pages, different sections being numbered in different styles.

 [column_half] Learning is always a lot of fun! I had to design a book cover in Hindi, this is one thing I haven’t done over all these years of designing! It was interesting to see how it came alone! Designing in a different language that is not English is super different. The aesthetics and the layout options changes a lot, the text needs to be legible, complicated fonts cannot be chosen. The size of the font needs to be proportionate as well, usually for English we use a standard set of fonts for printing, we know the approximate sizes for all these, for instance; A4 size a maximum of 13 can be used, with a specific amount of spacing. [/column_half] [column_half_last] santharamaran_cover@2x[/column_half_last]

[column_full] DC Enterprises as always has been a really good client, I know my brother and father really well and their style preferences of course. Working with them and my other clients is so different, it feels like I am working for 2 different companies at the same time! How could I forget! Da-Magix has a new logo1 The logo is an interpretation of my love for all things green and leaves of course! On the personal front I’m still single and looking for my knight in shining armour! I went on a holiday to Coorg.  [/column_full]

 [column_half] goldentemple1
[/column_half] [column_half_last]

goldentemple2  [/column_half_last]

[column_full]I made 2 photo books, finally after a lot of procrastination! It was interesting working on it, got it done by Vista Print, they have a Mac App, so I designed it on it that, they did a really good job in printing it!

That is about it for now 🙂 Thank you for reading peeps![/column_full]