Da-Magix.Com, my company has had a very successful year! Designed and made a few websites, wedding invitations and other design collaterals. On the personal front as well, I have had a few changes! This is a year, where I have tried to get clients from different areas of work, apart from wedding and email invitations, I have designed websites for actors, companies and individuals. Apart from this I am working on two other clients. Working on designing collaterals for a college right now in Bangalore. Photography point of view, I have covered events for 2 clients and continued it as a hobby as well. I have taken photos of a friend and her house. Almost all my clients and the work I have done for them is on this website. I have also made a few logos for a few companies in Bangalore.

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DC Enterprises has remained a very faithful client, made their website, designed and coded it as well. DC Enterprises is a company owned and operated by my father and brother, here in Bangalore. Their website is celebrating 10 years of DC Enterprises! I have taken photos, videos and covered some events that they took part in.

Apart from this early this year I made a wedding invite for a friend of mine Ros! It was a lot of fun designing their card! Do check out the portfolio section of my website to see the card. The theme she gave was travel, she is from Australia and her husband is from Indonesia! She wanted a passport and boarding pass as her invite.

Kalarava is a logo I designed for Jain University, my close friend Deepti asked me to design a logo, made her these alternatives within an hour or so. Inspiration can be found at odd times and places! I feel this is my personal best! Sometimes the things that take the least amount of time are the best!

I have gone out for a few photo shoots a few times this year. Some outdoors and some of individuals and their houses. Had a lot of fun shooting photos! I am using an old flash, one that my father gave me! A Soligor flash! Flash photography is very different!

Amit Bhargav is a friend and schoolbatch mate. He is an up and coming actor currently acting in a Tamil Serial on Star Vijay. Designed and developed his website this year, the project was completed in July. The website is! The content management system used is wordpress.