On occasion I write reviews about books and movies, this review is about the newly update versions of Adobe Photoshop. I have been using these applications for a long while nearly a decade now. I have seen the tools evolving and newer intuitive additional tools being added as well. Little over a week, back on the 17th of August, I had been to Aunt’s house, my mum’s older sister. She has several photos, of my family, my mum and my cousins, weddings and other special events. Most of these were in Black and white or a few sepia toned ones. Printed photos age, colour fades; the paper quality gets degraded as well.
I set out a task to restore these photos, some of them were slightly torn, dog-eared or discoloured, I thought this would take about a month, promised my Aunt and Uncle, that I’ll have them ready in a month at least, I took a week and fixed most of them. The clarity of the photos are really amazing! Some of the photos were about an 1.5 inch squares, I was wondering when they would be scanned, how would they look, will we be able to recognise the people in the photos. Low and behold the scanned images were stunning, my Aunt was able to relive the memories of her old house, which she stayed at over 50 years ago. I was shocked, so I asked my father, he is a know it all, he loves photography too, just like my grandad does. He said, the photos must be contact print, curious to find out what it is, I googled it! I wish I can try this sometime, with the negatives I have!
So, I started to edit the photos, remove artefacts and blemishes in the photograph. There was one particular photograph of my cousin brother, which had several blemishes, I was wondering how I would fix it, so I opened Photoshop changed the workspace to a photography workspace, I found a tool which was amazing, content aware enabled, image correction.
Previously, if a photo had to cleaned, we had to use a tool called the Stamp Tool, tedious and time consuming, this tool is smart, it takes the data from pixels around the area and neatly covers it up. What would have taken half a day to fix, got over in under an hour.
All this is about Adobe Photoshop, the next post will be about Adobe Illustrator, I am going to work on some more designs, before I write a review about it!