A lot has been going no the past few months! Been designing a lot, websites banners, invites for weddings and parties and so much more! Graphic designing is my hobby as well and I am super passionate of it! Growing up I always made cards for everyone at for all the silliest of reasons and some serious ones too. I used to make cards for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, festivals such as Diwali and new years. Though these were handmade cards, I eventually taught myself photoshop and illustrator. I started making cards on photoshop initially, downloaded images from free websites and made them! The past couple of years for Diwali, I have made cards, which have photos I have taken! The image on the right, was a card I had worked on back in 2008!


[column_full] I have worked on quite a few cards over the years and more so the past couple of months. I love making cards specific for people and occasions. Recently I worked on a card for Adrika’s first birthday party. Prarthana a really close friend of mine got in touch with me to design a card, the theme selected for Adrika’s birthday was rainbow, so I had to make a really colourful and playful card. Making this card was a lot of fun and exciting!

In the month of May, my childhood friend Parinatha got married and I met a former bach-mate of mine from college and school Bhumika, she is a wedding and event planner. So far I have designed some cards and banners for her clients. The first event I designed for was a 60th birthday party invite, the theme for this event was Ghazal night, the client wanted a design in red and gold specifically. Making this card was really interesting! I had no idea what kind of designs the client liked, so I gave them a few options, after an entire day of designing, they selected a design, turns out I like that design a lot too.


My current project is very interesting, I will surely post it soon! This is a wedding invite for a really close friend, she is probably the best client I have had, gave her 2 options both of which she really liked, so she has picked one 😀 so yay! The card is very ethnic, I am really waiting to see how it looks in print (another week I feel at least till it is done). I have always liked Paisley & floral design for cards, whenever I get an idea I start designing.

Apart for all of this I have been making sample invitation design cards, these could be modified to a wedding invite design or a party invitation! The design to the left is a card I made recently! It was a lot of fun making it!

That’s all for now peeps! Keep following this page, I will be posting some invites real soon