Before i explain this year, I’m sorry for not having written anything since around Feb, as you can see I have been really busy!
Jan 2011- Start of the year pretty dull cause i don’t remember what i did lol, when i remember the other years. Had mid seems and did not take part or organize in-bloom actually didn’t even attend it!
Feb 2011- Had my first ever train journey to Chennai and went away from my parents for 2 nights and a day, made a movie called Wings Aloft, which was sort of nice! This month went off soon lol
March 2011- Nothing eventful happened if you know what I mean, this month was pretty different compared to the other months, had exams and after that started to intern in the end of the month in Agastya International Foundation
April 2011- Continued to intern in Agastya International Foundation taught teachers and interacted with a lot of students, got to know how an NGO functions and how there is a part in life or society who have not used computers or internet or just have dial-up connections, which is what we had in the 90s, personally i believe that our country will be developed in another 20 years, i remember still how the 90s were we have higher speed broadband and better connectivity than then!
May 2011- Puducherry! Uttam mom and dad and me went to Pondi in his new Cruze car, the trip was amazing! Though we took the long route to come back it was beautiful! The trip was nice, I saw a beach and spent a long time on a beach!!! And I had my first boat ride! The place we stayed at is called Hotel Promenade, a sea facing hotel and we could see the Bay of Bengal it was an amazing site! Went to Auroville the place was amazing, but i can’t stay there! It is very cool to stay there i promise to make a movie out of the footage that i shot then! which will be amazing! I promise!
June 2011- College started the semester was very different the papers were very different. I had to start working on my research paper which i do like lol
July- Went to first day 2nd show for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2! This was the first ever movie i have seen in 3d which was amazing!!!!! The end of the harry potter movie and book series!
August- Had mid semester exam before independence day and attended the function in college which was nice and then discussed media meet stuff end of the month was media meet this month went away in a blur actually. Got my LG optimus 2x as well this month amazing android phone!
September, the semester came to an end and presentations and all that got over
October was an amazing month, exams came to an end and i got my new camera! A Canon EOS 60D camera, which by the way is amazing. Did a lot of photography and relaxed a lot during the holidays!
November- Was one very odd month, the semester started and and i had to complete my dissertation titled Effectiveness of films in propagating environmental issues- A comparison between live action and animation films
December- Well this month was the start to a lot of things, as many have said the completion of something is the beginning of something new! I got my Mac Book Pro finally! which is amazing! College/ Uni life is over! Started to intern at Ink Talk! traveling in a bus!
Bucket List of 2011-
Travel in Train/Plane/Bus– Train and Bus done!
Go out of town without family done!
Get new camera done!
Get MacBook pro done!
Go to Puducherry done!
Get a coat done!
Get a dress done!
Get a new hair cut done!
Start wearing contacts done!
And have fun in the year done!
2011 was all in all an amazing year, the events that have occurred the people I have met, all have made be evolve! Hoping that 2012 is a year packed with even more fun!