Clouds in the skies floating, pouring rain

Thundering and scaring people,

The moisture trapped in them,

Soft clouds, going through hills, through houses at a height.


Feeling the moisture

I want to reach it

I want to touch the clouds.

Feel the water on my hands, on my face without it being there.

Like a soft cold hand, making a warm sad face, Happy.

Creating sparks without electricity.

Creating a complex set of emotions,
Flavours being smelt without them being there.
Spicy, sweet, tangy, salty the Aroma.
Flowers, vegetables, fruits, tea, coffee, herbs.

Ooty waking up to the sounds,

Of birds,

The smell of Purity.

The early morning mist covering windows, and the sun creeping in slowly.


A world serene and calm and magical!Purity at its best!

Aah Bliss!