I have not been busy but have been addicted to the twilight series.
Stephanie Meyer, you have changed my life a lot and I thank you for that!
Spoiler alert!
If you have not read the books and you want to dont continue to read this!
I love the way Edward loves and protects Bella, he loves every inch and every ounce of her! The way he holds her close to his heart, the way they touch each other, its magical, i feel the electricity, the way Meyer describes em, its truly amazing, i wish i had read these books before my creative writing paper! 1st person narrative is very different, i like it, its like reading a diary of a person, it is so personal, and amazing.
Bell, Edward, Mr and Mrs Cullen. Bella’s lullaby, all of it is amazing! Spider Monkey hahaha, Monster, so totally not a monster, an angel heaven sent, perfect couple :heart:
Rob Thomas, has a new song which is amazing, her diamonds, her tears! Bliss, why are all Rob’s this hunky and amazing!