Disclaimer if you have not seen the film do not read it! Its a story worth the watch , if you really want to know the movie before renting it then you can though 😛

Recently a junior of mine Abey from university gave me the movie wall e! I have seen several movies and documentaries on pollution and there is a lot of talking in them, this movie doesn’t have people talking much through the 2 robots Wall E and Eve also known as Eva, the whole story revolved over Eve finding a plant in a dirty polluted earth which is full of garbage, entire earth is staying in a ship outside earth. Wall E are robots that clean the earth, so he is busy cleaning and one day Eve lands on Earth to check if its safe to come back wall e finds a plant and brings it back home in a show Eve sees this and goes into a locking mode.
That is all I am going to reveal the story is really nice and I do not want to give out more information about it.
Hope you liked reading this, and hope you see the movie soon.
Long Live roaches 🙂 You will get to know that in the story.