Chapter 1: Saving of a life in the works.
It was a cold wintery evening in Hull, the fire was nice and warm, and Kimberly was waiting in the window platform for her father. He has never come home late, but this evening he has taken more time than usual to come back. Danny her father is a Cardio Surgeon, he is one of the leading doctors in Hull, he is ranked in his country as well. Katherine, his younger sister has a birth defect, the day she was born her father passed away in an accident and her mother went into a shock this had affected her seriously. She had fainted while she was playing basketball in her school first the doctors thought it was a neurological problem, when Danny examined her, it was her heart that was affected.
Danny has been trying to find a heart which suits Cathy, she has been diagnosed with a serious heart valve problem, she has been waiting for a replacement for 3 years, and they finally found a donor.  Danny then called up Kimberly
‘Hey Kimberly we found a donor! Cathy is going to be much better with that replacement, it’s a perfect match’
Kimberly then replied in an excited manner
‘That is really nice Papa; I wish I could be there now! How is she doing? How long are you going to keep her there?
Her father then replies in a calm tone
‘A minimum of 3 months kiddo, after she gets the replacement we need to train her and make her accustomed to the new heart she has to undergo a lot before she gets back to her old self.’
Kimberly then replies in a soft low tone
‘Alright daddy, when are you coming back home? Mum has not come back from work either, so I am feeling lonely and bored.’
Danny then tells her that she could use his computer and do something on it. Donald is fondly called Danny, everyone they know call him Danny. Danny is very possessive with his things he has never allowed anyone to use his gadgets this is the first time he has allowed Kimberly to use his computer so she is excited and she screams loudly on the phone people far away from Danny could also here her on the phone
‘Thank you Daddy! Thank you!’
Kimberly played on Danny’s computer till about eight when her mum came back she helped her in making supper. She then informed her classmates that Katherine has got a donor and that she is going to take some time to get back to school.
Chapter 2: School and Graduation.
A week later Danny informed them that Catherine was doing much better she has been walking around very well as well. The next morning Kimberly had to leave to school; she met all her friends and informed them how she spent two weeks in her house and about Catherine’s miraculous recovery.
Kimberly classes were interesting. In her photography class she just learnt the panning technique as usual she scored a list of A’s in her web media class she has begun with advance  CSS coding. The only trouble she had in college was that she was not able to understand her advertisement class, and she reached home only by eight she had to look after Catherine she spoke to Danny and asked him
‘Daddy I am not able to handle the advertising class’s can you look after Catherine for like a day or two I really need to do good in it’
Danny thought for a while and then replied
‘I understand Kiddo, I can and I will for sure.’
Kimberly was happy that her father understood her. As soon as she went home she started to read and then she told herself
‘Hey this is really easy I had to just put some effort into understanding it’
Three months passed and she had finished writing her term papers and in a day’s time it was graduation.  She graduated and Catherine started school again she had a missed an entire semester she studied during the summer break as well so she could finish school up sooner. She missed a semester and she lost Kimberly in this process the time and space the spent apart created some problem.
While Catherine was studying in school Kimberly was researching for her doctorate is media, she was studying the impact of media on the youth. She also got into a good newspaper she worked for a paper called Communication For and From You.
Catherine got a job offer while she was studying her teacher really liked her graphic designs a lot, so he got her a job she was earning a lot being a student and her brother Danny was really happy with her.  She was hired to design the poster for the Media Conference, it’s the biggest media related event in the year, she had to make banners, posters and flyers for the event she had lots of fun doing it.

Chapter 3: Formation of Alliances

Kimberly and Catherine met each other in the media conference, they have not spoken to each other for at least 6 months they have been busy with work a lot. Both of them have been doing extremely well in their work. Kimberly was in her own world after it she was amazed at the technology available in the market, she then realised that she had been to a conference like this and she had got inspired to become a journalist, it was a day before her English Literature exam she was reading a poem written by Carol Dawn. The poem was about how time goes by while writing.
Michael her bosses son was also attending the conference. Kimberly recited the poem aloud
‘Time goes by like a wave, Minutes equal to seconds’
Michael heard her say that and then he continued the next few lines. Kimberly didn’t know Michael all she knew about him was that her boss Sandy has a son named Michael. He then introduced himself
‘Hello Kimberly I am Michael, your boss’s only son. You must have heard a lot about me, some of it might be true but most of it would be wrong.’
Kimberly then interrupted him by saying
‘Alright fine, I need to buy something so you can leave; I need to get back to work and actually work’
Michael then replied
‘Just because my dad is my boss, doesn’t mean I do not work, I have graduated from a good school with a computer science degree.’
Michael and Kimberly went separate ways in the fair Kimberly used her boss’s blank cheque and got some equipment for her computer at work.
Sandy, her boss always told her that if she wanted to listen to music, he would give her his player as he doesn’t use it. He had bought the player for Michael’s birthday, to his amazement he did not know that his son has a player which is better than this one. Sandy likes to spoil people he cares about immensely and it is clearly seen with both Michael and Kimberly.
Kimberly then went back home she was contemplating
‘Michael and I are two very different people all our tastes are different music, food and almost everything except that both of us are into photography and that both of us play games on our computers’
Michael has loved to play games and he started making games at a young age of twelve. Since then he aim has been to make his own games and become famous by making his games and not by his father nor by the paper.
Sandy has been thinking of a way in which he could promote Kimberly, he then realised that he has always had an idea of making a News Channel and in about a month’s time he setup the channel ‘Red News’ Kimberly was made the assistant editor of the channel.
Her old school was starting a radio show so they required her help; on the day she was handing her resignation letter to Sandy he announced the starting of the news channel and her new position in the channel. With the raise she got she could buy almost anything she wants, so she bought herself a new house. Her parents also moved in to the new house. The house had to be names and she asked Sandy about it he told Dream Inn sounds nice, Michael then interrupted
‘Red Inn makes more sense dad; she got the house after all because of Red News.’
Sandy and Kimberly agreed with him and they named the house, it took about a week for them to settle into the new house.

Chapter 4: Rendezvous

Not many people were subscribing to the new news channel they required some help from an advertising company. Sandy was wondering which company he should contact; Kimberly suggested that Catherine’s company might be able to do it. She told Sandy that she would organise a meeting.
Kimberly then called Catherine and asked her
‘Hey Catherine, is this a good time to talk to you? I need your expertise help, I am the assistant editor of Red News and we need your designing skills could we meet up some place?’
Catherine then replied
‘Yeah, sure when and where do you want to meet up? Remember Café Action? Can we go there?’
Michael took Kimberly to Café Action, he explained what exactly what his father wanted. Catherine was given a week’s time to design the advertisement. Monday through Saturday she mailed Sandy her designs on the Saturday he accepted her design.
Sandy was very pleased he had no clue how to thank Kimberly he offered her a raise but she declined the offer, so he threw her a party. He invited people from leading media companies and also Kimberly’s parents. The party was well organised in a short duration of time, Sandy dedicated a toast to Kimberly and to her success as well. Catherine was very happy as she made Kimberly happy after a long, long time. Catherine was not accustomed to such an environment, everyone was happy and she was really enjoying the party as well, people whom she had heard about while studying she met them and people recognised her, everything was perfect for her right now.
Kimberly then observed that Michael was speaking to Sandy, and he seemed to be happy. She asked Sandy
‘Hello Sir, thanks a lot. May I know why you are so happy?’
Sandy then replied in a very happy tone
‘Micha wants to have a gaming related show on Red News. I am not too sure about that, the target audience is a bit too narrow I think’
Kimberly interrupted in the middle
‘That would be a great idea boss! The target audience is the youth! The youth drives our country! Youth will drive our channel; people will want our channel in other countries as well’
To their amazement the gaming section had several hits online and the subscription list went even higher, Catherine designed the ads for the campaign as well. Michael and Kimberly had something else in common ‘Red News’. Both of them helped Red News a lot. Her editorial skills were amazing and she has acquired a unique technique to put the right word at the right time and place.
Kimberly hadn’t used her web design skills for quite a while, so she designed a web page which taught media related services, such as photography, a bit of graphic design coincidentally it was named Right time and place.
Chapter 5: Warm Surprises
Kimberly was about filling her accounts and then it struck to her that Michael’s birthday was just around the corner. She wondered what she could give him. While she was busy thinking, Michael was admiring her in the corner of the door. Michael dropped a vase and he then went running away. She then thought that a surprise party would be ideal. She invited most of Michael’s school mates and Sandy of course and her parents as well. The surprise party went off well and then Michael surprised her, he proposed to her in front of everyone and she was really happy that she started to cry happy tears. That was a clear sign that she had agreed, and the immediately ran out and then talked for  hours together they hadn’t realised that it was two in the morning and that the entire party had cleared out.
Michael dropped Kimberly back to Red Inn and her father was very happy for her. While Donald was waiting for Kimberly to come back home he was thinking about Catherine and that she has had a tough time with both her work and her life.
The next morning when Kimberly went to work the first question Sandy had was
‘When are you two love birds getting married?’
Michael jus came into the workplace and both of them gave the same response at the same time
‘We have not yet decided.’
Michael and Kimberly during their lunch break decided that they would get married on the 29th of October. They choose this day because they had met for the first time on this day. The wedding was just two weeks in ahead so they decided on a simple wedding. They had a registrar wedding and they threw the reception party in Red Inn, both of them looked really good together. Kimberly had invited her immediate family which included her grandmother, aunt and parents. Sandy on the other hand invited many people as he always does.
Sandy after all loves to spoil his son and now his daughter in law rather his new daughter Kimberly. He has a habit of calling people by their nick name and he asked Kimberly and she told him that her mates in school use to call her Kimmy and so he started to call her Kimmy. Sandy gifted them a Nissan Skyline; it was a long bluish grey in colour car. Kimberly laughed she always felt that her father’s car looks the best. She was in a confused state, she had to pick between her parents and her new parents in law.
Kimberly then went and asked Sandy, even before she could finish her question Sandy approved to it. Sandy then told her that her they could stay in the same house and that he wouldn’t have a problem with it. Sandy’s wife was really sweet and kind Kimberly then thought in her mind
‘I felt as though I was in my own home with two sets of parents who love me equally.’
Before Kimberly and Michael left for their honeymoon, Kimberly called up Catherine and to ask how she is doing. Catherine was upset she felt with her mother at her home. Kimberly not understanding the gravity of the situation asked Catherine whether she has an admirer or a man of her own, little did Kimberly know that this traumatized Catherine immensely.  Catherine them cut the call hastily, she had nothing to else to say.
Kimberly then left for her honeymoon, they got advanced Christmas holidays. Sandy looked after Red News he hired substitutes for about two weeks. Kimberly and Michael returned back to their jobs. Sandy wanted to get more subscribers; they had lost many during these two weeks. So Kimberly and Michael organised an event to purely promote Red News. The company deserved it after all without it they wouldn’t have met. So, they started a class on their channel, Kimberly teaching web design and Michael teaching on how to make games. They put their heart and soul into it and they got even more subscribers now.
Chapter 6: Oh Dear! Catherine!
While the married couple were having all the worlds happiness, Catherine was lonely she had no one to look up to and she wasn’t doing well even at work her boss was really upset with her. So she took off for a while she went driving all around the country looking for some inspiration, so that she could make better designs. She went to at least 5 different cities and it didn’t help her one bit. She hadn’t understood herself, she was not lacking inspiration, she was lacking a man in her life she is going to turn 29 real soon and she is still single.
Catherine followed the advice of some of her friends, she went on to blind dates none of them worked, she tried a minimum of 10 men and none of them were her type.  She was getting even more worked up.  When she got back to work, she was really depressed she stressed herself  a bit too much and got a heart burn, she had to go back to the hospital and get admitted as she over stressed her body to perform better when it can’t.  Donald was angry with her now as well and many more people in her family.
Catherine then thought what if she met her donor’s family; she might find a friend at least, so she contacted the hospital and got the donors address. She was a bit hesitant, she was waiting in her car near the beach observing the donor’s house she did that for about an hour. She finally got the courage and the strength to go and talk to the donor’s family. She didn’t know what mess she was getting into, the donor’s husband didn’t want to meet her, when she rang the bell and when she was waiting for him to open the door she felt a connection and she felt a spark. They went out for about a month and then he left her she was even worse.
Meanwhile Kimberly was expecting and her mother in law threw a baby shower, Kimberly invited Catherine, she felt really sad after seeing her depressed so she took her to Café Action, when Catherine was picking up their orders of two decaf coffees from the main counter she looked at a man whom she recognised. She kept quiet and went back to her table; he observed her she observed him. Kimberly observed them doing this, so she went to the man and his table and she was amazed to find out that he was her classmate in her high school class, Charlie. So, after this she introduced him to Catherine, she looked at him for a while and he did the same, and the silence was clear that they knew each other. Not only did they know each other they were going out with each other and they clicked so well.
Kimberly helped Catherine for the second time and she is doing really better. She leaves them alone so that they can talk without any restrictions. Catherine asked about him and the profession he has taken up so he replies
‘Cathy I am the basketball coach in our old school I earned a lot and now I don’t have the energy to work for a software firm anymore so I took this up, you know they have not had a coach since the year we left? Isn’t that odd?
Catherine then replies in an excited tone
‘I didn’t know! So, umm you must have heard about me and my company? I am on an untimed sabbatical, I have not been keeping that well. So, umm what else is with you? I have heard about you a bit, you have not changed at all, why are you back in my town? Sorry our town.’
Charlie then replied
‘Actually the reason is you, I read about you in London and I felt something when I saw you, so I came! Umm yeah it is really true! That I own a multinational company I am sick of working as well’
Catherine again in an excited tone
‘Oh! I had read about you in Red, I mean my nieces old paper! I also feel the same!’
Five days later, Catherine met Charlie and he proposed he said in a very joyous manner
‘Good old times! I want to marry you! I still feel the same about since then! Please, please marry me!’
Catherine and Charlie get married on the Sunday in their Church, Kimberly is her brides made and she is going to be a mother real soon.
The whole family, Donald’s entire family is under one roof, his daughter’s little family, her parents in law, the newly weeded couple Catherine and Charlie and his wife and mother as well. His family couldn’t be more perfect.
Four days later Donald is a grandfather, Red Inn is full of laughter and he has a granddaughter, Rachael, she has the same blond hair as her parents and she looks like an angel. Kimberly is doing well and she has come on the cover of a leading international magazine, which incidentally Sandy owns. Donald is soon going to retire; he wants to become a consultant.

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