So, the latest movie I went to was Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher. Initially I was worried that the movie is going to be about his personal life. For those of you who haven’t read the movie, I strongly suggest you to not read this blog!! You have been warned 😛
The movie begins with the iPod being released in 2001, initially everyone in the theatre was wondering if it was really Steve Jobs. For those of you who haven’t seen a Keynote, Jobs had a way of walking around and explaining the product, its features and why people should buy it.

The movie explains how the company started in his fathers Garage, and the meetings he had to take to make the company successful. How the Apple I was only a motherboard, which they delivered to a shop. Meanwhile they had started to design Apple II, this was the most successful for  long time! After this the plot has a twist, Jobs became a little obsessive, as he had a lot of competition. About the same time, Microsoft copied their operating system!! Lisa his pet project was sort of a failure, eventually this led to him being fired from his own company.

He created a new company meanwhile called Next which was a big success, he started it on his own, and eventually Apple and Next merged and he got a part-time or consultant job at Apple. This was in the late 90’s, the then CEO was fired and he was made the CEO again. He created the iMac, the first one the colourful one!! The story ended with that.
The part I was eagerly waiting for was Pixar though!! I had made a dedication to him and the company in my thesis!!