All my 6 papers are over, the 2 papers i felt the easiest were psychology and photography. I had fun writing the two papers, i felt optional was nice but i am not too sure about that.
So after all the hype about the mid semester exam, what is going to change my life?
I need inspiration to make something nice, i am not even able to play my music nicely! This seems very odd, it had happened last yr and I remember writing about to someone on lw! It happens, at one time of the year i was filled with energy to do stuff, to write, to play music, and also to design things.
I explained to a my friend that its like you have a half done canvas, you take your brush to get yellow for a nice bright sun, and all the yellow paint is over.
I have a habit of understanding songs, before i like it, last evening i got the new fray album and i thought i would enjoy but the music just passed my head as music, and not the lyrics! I need to bond with my music so that I understand it better!
So this is me right now, confused and complex and in a state of mixed emotions.