As i write, i stare at a blank post, its very metaphorical to my life at the moment. I am having a conflict within me, this is the 1st time i have stared at my laptops screen and thought what i am going to after college, this is the time i have to decide what i have to do for the rest of my life, and so my status message is wants to turn a new page, and right a new page in her life!
I can sit and admire nature for maybe a day but not click photos of it for the rest of my life! I cant graphic design throughout the year either, i have to select something which makes me happy, which makes me stand on my own 2 feet, something which i love doing! But what is that i know not yet! What if i select many careers? It maybe nice to think of doing it, but how applicable is it to me? Can i handle it?
Music i love, but i cant sing, i have hobbies, but that is that!
So what next? Holidays true, internship yes, but after that? What am i going to do after i leave college is a big question, if i want to do something else, i will need training, so what am i going to be trained in? What am i going to pick? Lets see 6 months later! What i post!
Thus my life has to be written by me and what i do! I am an individual who wants to stand on her 2 feet, not do something that i am forced into!
Live and love life, need to select something which will make it be the same for a long long time.
Change will happen, change has to happen, it is the only thing that i am sure of right now!
Cheers and Hugs
Deepa 🙂