I’m back into my analyzing mood, i want to know what life is. what defines life? What will happen if i ask this question? What can i expect from myself, by doing something like this.
I believe right now that, life is something that defines a person, a path on which a person travels, and keeps on travelling till death, or even after that. I have certain goals, certain features, certain things that define me, does this define my life as well? Is my life, designed, defined by what i do or what i am?
A tragedy, a romantic comedy, an action packed adventurous film, is our life something like that? Are we seeing a distorted reflection of ourselves in movies? We all have our ups and downs, is our life similar to that of a movie? Does our life have scenes? Like a setting, and lighting? Antagonists, Protagonists and Supporting Characters, i am making the former 3 as nouns, thus capitalized. So is there a character like the joker, one who is there only to trouble us? Or a glass slipper, which will change my future? Is life like a contrast to a fairytale?
Does one’s life consist of people as in subjects, things as in objects, a verb or an action, and a preposition a setting? Such as Deepa’s pen is lying on the table beside her. A Subject me in this case, my pen which is on the table. Can life be defined with ‘a’ subject, object, verb and preposition? In one’s life there will be several subjects, objects, verbs and prepositions, defining one’s life can be done after one’s life is loved to the fullest till the last second he or she is on this earth in a biological form, psychologically, we continue to stay, we can never die psychologically, we are parts of others’ life and they are a part of us.
Life goes on never stops, biologically maybe, heart stops beating, blood stops flowing.
Life goes on psychologically forever. It cannot be defined.