Pinch me, two years over in Christ College, from first FEP to second, from Christ College to Christ University.  April 2007 was one hell of a month, i was blinking what i was going to take, which college i was going to join, got into Christ, felt i was dreaming and i still feel so, best college in Bangalore! Graphic design, newsletter, one act play festival, after that, communiquere and then 1st yr over.
Next came the internship almost 1 yr,  learnt a lot of stuff, and changed, shorter hair, complete change, i changed! This was one holidays which changed me, No Deepti, tht was one more thing i had to get adjusted to!
Second year started with the whole class being surprised with me, i was thinner, taller, and changed completely, new phone, new lens for camera, new outlook to life!
Juniors came, for the first month it was odd, then got used to them.
Darpan came, and i got to know another part of myself, that i can click good photos, then Backstage Passes, got to know myself more. Then came november and december and jan, i defined myself. Designing like crazy, got closer to the cul team, many many new friends, older friends i got closer to.  Vivek, Arjun, Sujay, Suneil, Rajashree, Preethi, Hemanth, Arun, Louis, Nisha, Leo, Jacob, the whole BBM lot, i wouldnt hve got to know all of them, if InBloom hadnt happened.
Here are a few thank yous to people who i care abt immensly, who hve understood me, and been friends with me in class Kirtana, Nitya, Lavanaya, Razia, Nadine, Garima, Mohan.
Thank God, i designed for InBloom, and met and got closer to soooooooo many people!