This is going to be one of those massive posts, which might make some people teary eyed, so given fare warning about it. So lets start from the early 2000’s

  • 2000 came to the new big building in Aurobindo
  • 2001 lost my granddad and started to wear the skirt and blouse uniform (lol)
  • 2002 I met Deepti my bestest best friend, who is my total soul sister came to high school
  • 2003 Lost Ajji which was very sad, same year got the house modified and my room and got the kitchen remodeled and the terrace was redone and I go my own wardrobe
  • 2004 10th standard started, went to 3 tuitions in one day 😛 Sanskrit Maths in the morning and maths again after a while in school with the remedial class. Sang on a stage with all my class girls, sang a song called Larger than life by Backstreet Boys! and almost went for an inter-school competition singing a song Chale Jaise Hawaye. Started loving the Harry Potter series
  • 2005 Became friends with Ros, my best friend in Australia, we have been very good and close friends since then! Sat for my first board exams, which was very different! and yet very interesting and left school! Joined NMKRV and became friends with Vijayashree, Chaitra and Ramya and even more close to Deepti, took up the course, History, Economics, Psychology and Sociology and my languages were Sanskrit and English 🙂 I started graphic designing the same year, was using illustrator those days, thought I knew it lol! Got my cellphone as my bday gift, with a Nokia 1100 and a Spice connection. Read more Harry Potter books and Lord of the Rings
  • 2006 picked up more designing and organized my first even the Fashion Show in NMKRV and got myself a LG phone c250 i think not sure of the model name though
  • 2007 Probably the best year of my life. Wrote the 2nd board exam of my life, and did well! Picked up more graphic designing and learnt loads. Joined Chirst College for the undergraduate course FEP, functional English, English literature and graphic designing. I made a website during the holidays, you but a very early dumb version, which I didn’t know how to edit, picked up wordress press later on. Started to like Graphic Designing even more, and designed for the first ever event in my life Dear Departed and liked graphic designing a whole lot more. October 2007, i got my camera Canon eos 350d! and August 2007 I got my first laptop the HP Tx1201 AU, sexy laptop but eventually it died. I got myself a very good Sony Ericsson phone called the Sony Ericsson k750i super phone eventually the buttons fell off lol. Met Mohan online on a forum which existed then called and became friends with him and I was introduced to wordpress thanks to him! Joined
  • 2008 Another wonderful creative year, it started of with me learning more photography, I started to love it as a hobby. July I designed for the FEP fest Comm.Raids, became friends with Abey initially end of the year i became closer to Mohan as well. September i designed for a major National event called Backstage Passes with the help of Abey and Mohan, which i totally adore till date. After that in November i started to design my first ever In Bloom, In Bloom 2009, which i think is the best design I have done in my entire life so far. It was a very good learning experience. Oh and yeah I clicked photos for Darpan 2008 all these links are there on this blog btw! I did my first ever internship in Bangalore Mirror. Made many mistakes in the start of this year which I regret to a great extent. Got a k810i. HP lappy  burnt off and got dabba Acer laptop. Went to the first city outside our state and city! Ooty, there is a page on that! I feel for the Twilight Saga!
  • 2009 I became close to Hima and Shaliny. Became even more close with Razia, Kirtana, Nadine and Lavanya. Made a movie with Garima, Kanchan and the entire group. Woah another amazing year, designed Darpan 2009, In Bloom 2010, Role Call 2009, designed for our awareness campaign and Booked, Interned at an ad agency! Got myself a Samsun Star 3g touch screen phone. And of course my 21.5″ iMac! and I was a part of the Universities Cul Team! I became 20 years and as Ros told me I have entered the third decade of my life! Became close friends to the Aryavartha dance team in the cul team in college!
  • 2010 Graduated from Christ College Autonomous and wait for wait for it joined Christ University for MSc in Communication. Got myself a Sony Vaio E series laptop and of course the bomb of a phone Nokia N8. Made many friends. Online and offline did my 3rd internship in my life and 2nd time in Bangalore Mirror. Currently I have 782 friends on Facebook. Made an online portfolio for myself with all my designs! Started making movies, on a regular basis, started working on Decibels, designed Darpan probably the last time, didn’t take part in it. Made close friends Shilpa, Apurva Ramesh aka Lambu, Apoorva N aka Chotu, Zuleika aka Zuzu, Aishwariya aka Aishu, Vaneet aka Dodo and the ism Dodoism, Samrat aka Sam.  During my internship I became close to Anisha, Jis, Juliana and Dhiraj! I had loads of fun there! I became 21 years. Early this year I got a Wacom graphic tablet as well! Super year all in all! Addicted to many more vampire series and books, Vampire Academy and Vampire Diaries! and addicted to seeing Vampire Diaries!

This is probably the concluding post of a decade, and a wonderful year, where I have learnt a lot, I have grown up from a kid to a gal to a teen to a young women from 4 feet 8 inchs to 5 feet 7 inchs from 10 years to 21 years, to a better human being, a better friend, sister, best friend, daughter and grand daughter. This is the decade that I welcome many more nieces and nephews, lost many people i loved, made many more friends who i love deeply who i adore and cant live without, fallen in and out of love, made people laugh, cry, grown up with and grown out of, from frocks to gowns, from Salwar kameezs to Chudi sets, from Bangles to bracelets, from a point and shoot to a dslr, from a no no at art to some know in art.
Cheers to everyone in my life, thanks for being a part of my life, I love you all deeply, xoxoxoxo
To my dear family if any of u see this, I love u guys a lot, you have made me from a kid to a young women in these 10 years, you have brought all happiness in my life. I cant thank you all enough for it.!
Lots of Love
PS and yes im crying as im typing these last few words on my blog that is for this decade!