I had an amazing day, Garima was the 1st to call me followed by Deepti and Mo! Many friends called me and messaged me! The 1st to message me was Lisha, in the morn Ahana messaged me followed by Abey, at about 7 Ahana called and Sir called at the same time! I reseved blessings from my aunts and my grand aunt and uncle as well, at around 10 i went for my bath and i wore my new white shirt with the old exposy jeans, Uttam and me went and picked my cake, which is eggless the way amma likes it! After that we came back and i spent time chatting, replying to birthday wishes and receving calls, it became lunch time, and Deepti called me and came over at 2:30 i had lunch before she came home! Amma made gobi paratha and imli chuttni.
Deepti gave me a set, a earring a D bracelet and a cute necklace, i added some new songs on her phone and i gave Rock On to her! and she saw the laptop and liked it! After that i wore my new bday dress, she really liked it, i wore my heels! its big and gold in color it really looks pretty!I showed her my new gold earring. After a while she left! I felt bad leaving her! but i want to treat that group separetly! I did not want to mix 2 groups!
I remembered that Amma and me had bought gold and red colored bangels so i wore them! it matched the dress a lot! I left home at 4:20 i reached forum by around 5 there was a lot of traffic! Dad and amma pallned to go to Kalmane, my dear friends Abey, Mohan, Shalini, Hima and Clement were late. they came at only about 5:40, while i was waiting, i saw westerners dancing using hoolahoops and i saw kids playing around in the centre cuz they had put disco lights! I wanted to become a kid at that moment, i realised at tht moment that i am no longer a ‘kid’ and that i had grown up!
So when i stood waiting, i tried recalling all my bday parties and school and pre uni! I remembered Padma, and 5th standard! and 6th standard when i wore that black salwar from MayaDeep! It then came to me that my life is good! I have and have had ppl who love me, and i hve had my ups and down, which everyone does in life! Whats life without obstacles it will be boring!
I remembered school and my old group, and realized that i have grown up that group served a purpose, I grew up and have grown out of things like what i did then! its something that I have to understand! I cant ask for things in a shop like as though i am a kid, i hve to be polite and i have to ask it in a certain tone to make it affective.
The party was amazing, i treated Abey, Mohan, Hima, Shalini and Clement! I saw them standing and discussing something! and Abey and Mo tried to sneak into landmark and it didnt work! The card they gave is amazing! red and black are 2 of my fav colors! and the book they gave is also amazing! I am really happy with the way the party went! I have nvr ever had soo much fun!
Part 2 is coming in a bit, with photos!