I have already warned all my readers that this is one huge piece! So if you have patience then continue to read this!
January 08- Uttam’s Birthday was fun!! We ate and had fun as usuall, for mummy and daddies anniversary we went out an ate again i think, i dont remember what i got them to be honest! College was fun cause i made new friends in photography class! I learnt a lot and clicked many pics, most of them were good!
February 08 -One crazy month, college was hectic, and i started to face some problems online and offline as well
March 08- Exams, daddy and Uttam went to Agra for the international meet, they had fun, when they came i had changed toooo much and i can understand why daddy and mummy were unhappy with me then!
April 08- Exams contiuned and internship started on the 18th and hols started on 16th, learnt a lot and had loads of fun!
May 08-Internship continued and ended on the 10th i think had fun in the hols i think, stayed at blore only wasted time sleeping, getting up late, and i reduced loads more now i dont know how!
June 08- Got my new phone and i got the new tele photo lens! College started, i am a 2nd yr, cery different environment, the 1st day when i met everyone was amazed looking at me! I had changed a lot over the hols, for the good or bad i dont know still! Juniors joined college I was hyper that day, it felt odd the 1st day, but after that met Rakshitha aka Rakshu 🙂 i started to spend time with them.
July 08: Freshers and Comm.raids happened, all the designing work started this month!! Got close to some more 1st yrs i think

August 08: One amazing month, Darpan happened and i clicked photos lots of photos, I had loads of fun this month, I got Abey as a friend! Designed Minstrels in our Midst! and Met Shobana Mam!
September 08: Again an amazing month! Designing! Photography! Backstage Passes changed me a lot! I started to design better and i got closer to Abey and Mohan thanks to this! Photography wise as well the 3 of us clicked a lot! Bhasha Utsav, Backstage Passes as well! All in all an amazing month!!! Deepti met all my friends, came to college, saw the concert sort of enivronment, she met Abey twice Mo once, and many other friends!
October 08: My birthday, Mummy’s Birthday! Exams, newsletters, anthology! This month zipped past very fast! I turned 19, made a car for mummy, and one for diwali as well, the tx1201 au laptop died and i got an acer aspire 🙂
November 08: Went outside Karnataka, went to Ooty and had loads of fun! Chocolates! Flowers! Blind curves, scenery! Pure rich expanse of nature! 4th sem began! Photography is fun, and had loads of fun clicking photos this month! Got closer to many of my friends! Spent some quality time with Deepti! I thank God for everything! To have Deepti Ros and Abey as a best friends! I am truely blessed!and to Have Mohan and Garima as super close friends!! Also i am really blessed!!
December 08: The month which was fast and crazy! I got closer to both Deepti and Abey! spent some time! and I designed for Inbloom! Designing for such a huge event is amazing!!!! I have never ever been so hyper when designing! I learnt a lot! Photography also was good this month though i missed a class still! i had loads of fun!! Learnt a lot!
To summarize this year in one sentence would be very very tough!
Amazing year! Crazy at the same time! Crazy Good and Crazy Bad! I have changed and that is one thing everyone has to get! As i said earlier i dont know if i have changed for the good or bad! I have learnt a lot! Made many new friends, who I can trust and who i am close to! Realised that Deepti is more than a best friend she is my soul sister! Graphic Design and Photography, are 2 subjects where one cannot stop learning!
I am learning, i am growing, and i hope that I grown even more! I hope that 2009 is going to be as amazing as this yr!
Here is to a new year! Filled with lots of hopes and Joy! Crossing my finger!
Happy New Year!
With Loads of Love
Deepa! :handshake: :highfive: :yinyang: :present: :film: :camera: