My day was so so, it started out with a bang!
I called up my soul sister Deepti, and wished her a happieeeee wapieeeeeeeee new year (sounds funny right?) Then i called up Garima and wished her she was almost asleep and i guess i woke her up 😛
I called 4 other friends who did not pick their phones up, 2 of them were at Church and the other 2 had switched their phones off!
I got abt 5 messages and 2 phones calls by 2:30 after tht i put my phone in silent until 5 and then put it to loud!
Later on i got calls over sms over e-mails wishing me for the new year, aunts uncles offering blessings to me and everyone at home!
Went and bought myself a slipper in the noon and gave the dvd’s that i had borrowed from Channel Nine.
Got back home for lunch, had parrota, after which i had cake and some snacks etc, Cleaned my room up after lunch sorted out old clothes, which doesnt fit me anymore!
After which i basically argueed with my parents about what I have to give as gifts to my friends in college!
Went and bought some cards! For 5 ppl
Had onion flavoured potato fries, then rasam with uppachi chilli’s which was delish had green apples as dessert!
Partially designed Deepti’s cover page, and right now I am extremely tired!
– Regards Deepa