For Paul,
The fast and furious movie franchise has come to an end! I have grown up watching it from the first one till the latest, Furious 7. I was probably around 13/14 when I watched the first movie, it had come on the television and I was addicted to it, for two main reasons: Paul Walker and the car he choose the Nissan Skyline (I used to call it Skyliner those days). My brother used to play Need for Speed back then, it was popular here in India, whenever I used to play the game I used to select the Nissan Skyline, when there were other “better cars to choose”. Impressions made during childhood, stays for a long long time, it helps forming other ideologies and preferences, for me Paul Walker as the actor the “hero” was someone I idolised. It is really common for a teenager to have an infatuation to an actor, for me it has always been Paul.

Paul_8BelowI have always taken an effort to get to know movies made my certain actors, I follow actors most of the time and not directors or script writers. Paul Walker and his movies have always been something I like and watch. Paul is known for the Fast and Furious series, but he has made some more amazing movies. Eight Below being one of them! Some of you might know my dissertation or masters thesis has been published as a book! The reason why I brought this topic up is that, Eight Below is of the movies I have studied in my thesis, I had selected four movies for my thesis, 2012 and Eight Below the 2 live action movies and Wall-E and Madagascar as the two animation movies.There is page titled Dedication in my book, right now I have dedicated it to Steve Jobs, if I could I would have dedicated it to Paul Walker as well.

Do not continue if you have not watched the movie ^_^

Now coming to the last movie, Furious 7, the movie is really worth a watch! The story line is amazing as always, the visual effects are very impressive and the dialogues as hilarious as ever. The chase and action sequences are really impressive! Paul’s character Brian and his role in this movie is awesome, unfortunately during the filming of the movie Paul Walker passed away, so they utilised his brothers as body doubles and used advanced CGI, to make them look like him.
The ending of the movie is gut wrenching, please do carry some tissues, as the ending is amazing and very emotional! They have shown how Paul and his character Brian O’Conner have evolved from the first movie till the latest. Important scenes from each movie, his relationship with the characters and how they are all family regardless of where they have come from.


The ending is a narrated by Vin Diesel or rather his character Dom, how him and Paul/ Brian are brothers regardless of where they maybe, they will always remain brothers or family. As Dom said it in this movie “I don’t have friends, I for family.” The scene basically shows them driving two different roads, showing that their paths are different now, but still they will always be connected.