Now I am 21 an adult I guess?
Addictions are something all of us have, and Im addicted to Vampires and any romantic story
Is it because I lack a love life? or a life outside college and work?
Is it cause it is only a myth? That you cant find the life you or Im always after?
Dreaming a life that is never possible, and life becoming a dream at the end of the day
Wanting to make something good out of life
Leaving a mark in history may it be in pages of textbooks or on websites or blogs like such
Imprinting or etching a mark in peoples lives is enough for me
To be remembered for the good things I have done and not the bad
To remember me for what I am and what I have done in your life
To have left an impact that would make you feel empty when I am not around
Due to proximity or even changing circumstances in either of our lives
I live my life through your perspective cant u see?
I understand my life through your view point
I am here, no where else
I am changing, I am a changed person 21 years and changing everyday for you and for myself…