Bennigton Carlton A Story
Characters in the story-
·Mr. Bennigton Carlton-the hero,
·The Butler a guy from Puerto Rico Carlos Codas and his wife Senora Codas,
·His daughter Kate named after his late wife Kate,
·The bus driver,
·Kate’s best friend Rivan,
·The Hijackers who work for ‘The Young Strikers’,
·Canate Striker the son of the villainous gang the Strikers.

‘God I wish you can help me I am confused please help me’ whispered the bus driver. What else could he have done when his bus had got hijacked?’ Don’t move!’ said the hijacker. One of the travellers, a tall man, with an impeccable style said, ‘What else can we do? That was Mr. Carlton.The hijackers immediately reacted by pointing the gun at Mr. Bennigton Carlton, they shot him he acted as if he were dead. The hijackers took his umbrella up and opened it, a gas came from it and everyone laid unconscious Mr. Carlton put his mask immediately and called the police, he left a sign near the bus a piece of wood, a C engraved on it.

Mr. Carlton gets up all through the week at about 6, he takes his black Horse ‘The Knight’ for a ride in his backyard, he also teaches his daughter on alternate days. Later on he has his breakfast, which consists of 3 fried eggs and a glass of apple or orange juice. After all that, he reads the paper with his mother, who is 78 years of age. Mrs Carlton is an ever excited woman. Carlos Codas is his butler a man from Puerto Rico whose family has been a part of the Carlton household for several generations. He keeps the house clean and also takes care of Kate like his own daughter.

Carlton has cultivated a habit of picking his daughter Kate up from school; after what happened to his wife, he never wants to take a chance again. Kate’s mother had died when Kate was only a year old. A murderous gang, The Young’s, had aimed to kill Bennington, but had missed and killed her instead.

Kate is a young and charming girl of 16 years of age she is getting ready to go to her school dance. She is going out with her good friend Rivan, a handsome young man whom she has known since she was in pre-school. Kate looks just like her mother, she is tall and she got that from her father. She is interested in several forms of art. She wants to learn photography from her father, but he is always busy with his work and the only time she spends with Carlton is when she is being dropped to school. When it comes to style she usually buys expensive designer wear, and she never wears makeup as her father says that pretty girls should never ruin their faces by applying makeup. Senora Codas is like a mother to her, she has taught Kate a lot about life and also how to paint when she was very only about 8 years of age.

Carlton had a very important business deal; he was to design the furniture for a multinational company, The Strikers, a software designing firm which is number 1 in the country. The company is starting a new centre and Acratantavia since it does not have any other company of this sort.Mr. Carlton and the others on Robin Lane decided that the kind of furniture used in the head rooms such as Managing directors, Creative directors and others will have the same kind that is the view that is seen from their respective window. He showed them a sketch for the design, his style is impeccable, he is going to use leather and print the view onto it, and he took pictures of the view so that he could make the design as soon as he could.

Mean while when the business deal was being finalised, Kate was shopping for the school dance. Her grandmother and Mrs. Codas helped her select an appropriate dress. Kate loves to wear white, she probably tried about 20 dresses and she did not like the fit on any of them. So her grandmother went looking for a dress and she found a very pretty one, a white and blue halter gown which was embellished with stones in the neck area. Kate then realised that she did not have a matching pair of high heels and jewellery for it so she went looking for those she found so much she did not what to choose from, that she took almost 2 hours to find one. She selected a white 3 inch heels which had a blue colour bow which matched perfectly.After which she asked her grandmother for jewellery, so they went to a shop which was very close to their house. Kate doesn’t like real diamonds and gold she prefers something artificial. She finally selected a pearl set which has a blue stone which matched her dress perfectly.

In the meeting they decided a fawn computer table with black armed chairs for all the workers, the tables were designed according to the floor space available. Suddenly the phone rang in the during the meeting, Kate had called Mr. Carlton asking if she could use his credit card as the dress was more than what she was given, at first he did not agree, so Kate handed the phone to her grandmother she made him understand that Kate is looking gorgeous in the dress and that she looks just like her mother, so he agreed to it and Kate used the card. After Bennigton came back from Robin Lane he saw his daughter dressed with the beautiful dress he was shocked after seeing his little angel who was piggy backed to her first day at school has grown up so much that she looks like a princess who is going to attend a royal ball. Kate waited for for Rivan in the outhouse. When he arrived he was amazed looking at Kate, Rivan was left speechless looking at his reaction he was surprised more than Mr. Carlton.

Kate and Rivan left for the dance, in Rivan’s convertible. The school was a few kilometres away so they had to drive to it, Rivan had put Kate’s favourite song ‘The very first look’ an old song which has been on the charts since they were kids. They had around 2 to 3 dances and the slowest which was the best, they looked like as though they were a couple sent from heaven. It was already very clear that they would be crowned as the King and Queen and so they were, almost everyone in the hall took their photo as soon as they were crowned, they were of the opinion that both of them are going to be the richest couple in a few years. The father and daughter duo had a memorable day.

The next day Bennigton asked Kate what is Rivan’s surname, she replied-Rivan Young, he asked her another question if he is related to the ‘The Young’ she said that he is related to it as well. After that he told her that, he has got a big deal with their new company which they are starting here. Rivan and Kate have decided to go to the same college. Rivan arrived when Bennigton was asking these questions. Kate blushed a little and also giggled. Senora Codas asked ‘What is so funny to laugh about?’ a few seconds passed and then Kate went running outside to see Rivan to go looking for colleges that they could enrol in. After a while Carlton started to finalise the deal he then got labour and material to make the furniture. Carlos Codas his informed him that the Young are a part of the Strikers. They are the ones who have been working for the Strikers against their will. Bennington and Carlos got a good idea of drawing a thin line between the Young and the Strikers by using their children Canate Striker, Rivan Young and his own Kate.

They thought for while and they made a plan. The plan was to build up a relationship triangle between Kate with both Canate and Rivan. Canate would inform his mother while Rivan would inform his father about it. Thus a fight was eminent. So the plan should have been smooth sailing, but instead Rivan somehow gets to know about this and he almost ruins the entire plan. Somehow things got right but then the Strikers are suspicious of Kate and they get a hunch that she is up to something bad. After all that happens, Strikers and the Youngs start to fight, so they split up. The next day Kate and Rivan met up in a coffee store nearby they had a long talk about their relationship. Rivan was upset that Kate hadn’t informed him of her father’s plan, she told him that she got to know about everything that the Strikers had done to her family and that they have to be dealt with so that they understand that doing bad never leads to anything good over the long run. He understood they then left to get supplies for their college. On the way they noticed a familiar face on the road, it was Carlos Codas, he told them to drive home as fast as they can because both of them are in danger. They reached home and they stayed in Carlton’s study room.

Carlos Codas then informed Carlton about this, so at this vulnerable point, Codas weakened the Youngs while Carlton weakened the Strikers. The head of the Striker committed a blunder, he killed his own wife and son so that he could escape Carlton’s plan. But his escape failed Carlos got their at the right time and both of them caught him and tied him up to the entrance. Carlton left all the evidence at the door step so that Striker would finally pay the price for his misdeeds. Carlton also left a piece of wood with a ‘C’ engraved on it. The next morning when he read the paper, the headline was Mysterious Ms. C has done it again, he laughed after reading this he told everything to Kate and she understood him accurately.

The Youngs finally lead a normal stable life, Rivan and Kate made a house for themselves near the college they joined so that they could live with each other. After both of them completed their college, they joined Carlton’s company; they brought a lot of success to the company. They are world renowned company, they have over a 100 branches in the country selling the latest designs in furniture. Carlton taught Kate photography during the winter and she has her own photography gallery, where people of all ages and cultures visit and contribute to her vast collection. Kate and Rivan got married after ten years they finished their studies and They demolished the building of the multinational software company and they built an old age home their, with that much of floor space they helped several families.