We always find excuses to postpone things in life, in my case it would be to write and honest blog post; like I used to before. A post that gives an insight into what I am doing (apart from working). Lot of things have been going on the past few months, sometimes we or I need to press pause and observe things, people, and objects around us. Photographs usually help, it helps remembering a moment, which we would not other wise.

I read a lot of books lately, and I am trying to read books which have different plot lines, stories that are not supernaturalish about vampires, werewolves and nephilim. Stuff about ordinary ppl facing great ordeals, and how they recover from this kind of a struggle. I am reading stories with very complex plot lines, one must read them very carefully, without any distractions. One such series is called Awaken by Katie Kacvinsky, the story is set in 2060.
I have a tendency of publicising good books to some of my friends, we read these books and then discuss about it. Awaken series is probably going to be one of those books that all of us are going to be talking about for  a long time. Don’t worry I am not going to reveal any major spoiler.
As, I said earlier the book is set in 2060 and everything is gone digital. Face to face intimate personal relations are almost non-existent. Everyong chats and videos calls, ppl go to virtual coffee shops, attend classes online, interact with teachers online. They basically hide themselves behind a digital screen.
Now, there is a group of people, who want to go back to the old ways, sort of what it is right now, to meet at a coffee shop smell the coffee being brewed or made, eat food that is freshly prepared and read actual printed paper books.
Please do read the book(s), the second book is titled Middle Ground, when you’ll have the time and do leave a comment when you’re done either reading this post or the books.
XOXO Deepa