This is one post i have been planning for, I have done a lot this semester, i have evolved a lot, in life in design and even in photography
June was the 1st month of college, the 1st week we were getting use to the fact that i am in my 2nd yr, and that one entire yr is over being in Christ!
Meeting the juniors was an amazing expereince, to see all of them, it reminded me of my first day, and seeing Deepa mam!
Getting to know the juniors was also very nice, Rakshu was the only junior i was close to then.
The next event was the freshers party and commraids the fest i designed for! The posters the post card one, and the certificates and designing the logo took forever! and it was amazing as usual!
I got to know the juniors more on this day, Sartaj, Rakshu, Ambika and some of my classmates as well!
The next major event was clicking photos in Darpan! This was the 1st time i clicked sooo many photos, i really learnt a lot here! I got use to the new lens, and playing around with the light, and timing to click the photos!
The next thing i designed was the poetry newsletter Minstrels in our Midst! that was one amazing experience, i got close to Shobana Mam!
The next event was Bhasha Utsav, i wore a saree the green one, and tht was a fun expereince i clicked photos that they as well, and designed the video for Backstages passes.
Backstages Passes helped me a lot! I got to know Abey, got closer to Mohan and learnt a lot. Designing the poster took like close to 2 weeks! The end result was the best! The poster really looked nice! Both the version of the video came out well, the tickets, the passes, the badges, the certificates as well! The event was on the 21st of the September, and i clicked loads of photos on tht day as well! It was amazing! Deepti got to see my college, and most of my friends as well! I really dont know what i would hve become now without Backstage Passess!
Creative Writing also changed me, I wrote stories, poems and I feel better, after pouring my feelings into the poem and stories!
You can see most of my stuff on this blog 🙂 I have added most of these stuff  here!  Will add the video in a while 🙂