Tuesday was the last day i ate out, wednesday i was fine, thursday morn i was fine, but thirsday night i felt really tired and i had a bad headache! When mum checked my temperature i had about 101 degrees, so i had a crocin, the fever had gone but in the morning again i had fever so in the evening at around 5 dad and me went to Indra Nursing Home and met the doctor, he gave some antibiotics for the fever and antacid as well.
Saturday i was perfectly fine, i ate breakfast, lunch and dinner, i woke up on Sunday morn and did not feel well at all, i felt drained completely, so daddy called Dr Murthy Uncle up, and he examined me and said i dont have a viral infection, i have a bad stomach infection, so i was admitted. I stayed there till abt 8 in the evening.
I had to take intravenous medicine, aka drips lots of meds were put in 4 bottles to be exact and lots of injections! Had lots of coconut juice, and apples 😛
I am resting from everything for a while, just relaxing and trying to fix myself as soon as i can! I have an internship to start still!