These are all my poems that I have written so far-
Nature the painting of the world
Which can be seen by all
Flowers show the colors of the rainbow when it isn’t raining
The water shows us the sky which is very far away from us.
Trees make us to reach our goals by their height.
Nature reflects what we could have been.

Sunset Funset
The sunsets in the west
The sun rises in the east
Today is a bright and dark night
The birds are at home
The people are at Rome
And they are going home
The hooting of owls has come
And playing of kids has gone.

My Mother
My mother is the best
She cannot be compared with the rest
She taught me how to walk,
By her sweet talk
She brings me happiness, as she is my Goddess
She’s the sunlight in the morning
She’s the moonlight in the evening
She’s my mother darlingShe’s always there when in need
She is a friend in deed
She’s a constant source of inspiration
and my object of admiration
She’s my mother darling
I saw a seed being planted
I asked which tree you are planting.
The Gardner said I am planting a Gulmohar tree.
The same tree, which I saw was being planted,
Has grown to give its own sapling.
I saw it 10 years later
It had grown to heights of the other
Just a month further
It was amongst the other dead
It did its deed and went
Face to face with the animals you meet in a zoo
Be careful of what you say or do
Because you are in a zoo.
Be gentle with the Hare
As you are careful with your hair.
The hare thinks that you can play the hoop well
Just as he can play the hop well.
Have you seen me in the zoo, I am the Deer
I am meek and I fear
I am a prey for many beings
As I am meek
And, as I am mild.
I am the mighty tiger
You dare not see me in anger
As I am the Tiger.
That’s all I can say, and say no more
As I am the King of thy reign
As I am Lion King.
Nature the Worlds Best Music Player
Music is not to be played by players
Music should be heard from nature
Birds chirping, water falling
Let music remove the silence in everyone’s life.
Spring, autumn, summer, rainy and winter
The five seasons which make their own songs
The spring when flowers blossom birds dance around in the air
The autumn where you see leaves falling and crunching sounds made.
The summer when deserts play tricks with our eyes.
The rainy season when lakes and rivers are full with water flowing and making stones smooth.
The winter when gaiety spreads the air.