This post had to be written a long time ago, I haven’t had the time to, honestly! Doing post graduation in Christ University now, taken up Msc in Communication, haven’t had the time to breathe till today, nor the mood actually. I have loads to talk about, so this is one of the those monstrous posts warned you already!
So my class is pretty cool, it is not like FEP, very sweet bunch of friends, grown into the idea of being in post grad thanks to them. Hmm so college stuff, I have Decibel work, collecting and submitting good files to Father so that it can be uploaded. Next Media Meet is coming up soon, which I am very eagerly waiting for.
Designed Darpan again, like the green one loads more, and now the theme for In Bloom is most likely go green. Started designing for it already.
So apart from college, I am 21 now, last time I posted I was 20 and a fresh graduate. Now I am supposedly enlightened?
Well one thing I have learnt over this holidays, my patience has increased a lot.
Oh and yeah N8 Baby! I can blog on that, this is damn neat, need to configure it still.
I got my first pair of stilettos, I am soooo very proud of myself, will deaf post a photo of it in a bit like I always say in a bit, lets see how long I take.
My birthday was very special! I want to thank my classmates, Shilpa, Apu, Chotu, Zuzu, Ashna and Pushpi, and of course Vaneet!
Deepti, VJ, Chai, you always make me feel special!
Abey, Shal, Mo, Hima, Nivendra, Roopesh, Swathi, Aman thanks for spending some very very valuable time with me, im going to miss u all a lot :'( its going to be hard not having all of u all! :'( you guys wont realize until june Im already telling u! Miss me!
Mom, dad and Uttam if you read this, thanks for everything 😀 I love you all a lot *muah XOXOXOXOX
After all this, I am done with my 3rd internship and 2nd time in Bangalore Mirror! Thank you all, I had an amazing time! Have learnt a lot more than the last time!
Now back to the Vampire love addiction Im still going gaga on Vampire immortal love! For the love of Vampire Empire!
Hmm so this is about it, tata, take care! and Keep in touch!